97Bros represents and upholds the spirit and passion of all partners who were born in 1997.

Our mission is to empower the community to follow their dreams and live their lives with a story worth telling.

Interior photo of 97Bros office located in Penang, Malaysia
97Bros office in Penang, Malaysia

97Bros, formerly named “N-Twine Bracelets” was fully managed solely by the founder, Chang, himself in 2014. The business however, failed after a few months of operation. Out of coincidence, a friend of his strongly believed in the business and suggested him to restructure the business model.

Hence, the risk-taking spirit prevailed here. With the general saying goes ‘no man is an island’; after the recruitment of his several friends who were also born in 1997, they started to plan, survey, and prepare for the great comeback as an enduring team. 10 months later, 97Bros was established.

The 97Bros story originated from the intuition of doing what we are passionate about and taking risks without doubts. We were able to mark a new chapter’s beginning and to the extent of inspiring people around us to start their own businesses. This journey was not a bed of roses as we had been through both hardship and glorious moments.

Our philosophy is to do what you dream and to live a life worth telling. Regardless of working at different locations spanning across the globe, we still make great things happen and celebrate milestones together.

We offer simple, yet stylish bracelets that easily matches your daily outfits.


Every bracelet undergoes detailed inspections to ensure it meets our quality standards before being shipped out. Our standard warranty backs up any defects you may discover long after purchase.


We are committed to provide the most attentive customer service to everyone. Whenever you require our assistance, you can expect one of our expert team members to take care of you.