Awaken Crystal


As a person with compassion, we believe that we have three most important things in life: family, friends and our loved ones. They are the ones we care for and want to protect under any circumstances. We want to always remind ourselves why and who we strive so hard for.

Our three 6mm crystal beads, each represent those dear to us: family, friends and our loved ones. Its more than an accessory, it’s a constant reminder of who we have behind us.

Please allow 3 days for processing.
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Bracelet SizeWrist Size (inch)
S5 in - 5.75 in
M5.75 in - 6.5 in
L6.5 in - 7.25 in

Every bracelet includes 6 months warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. Replacement is only valid once within the warranty period.

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