Find your wrist size with our simple chart

Wrap a string or measuring tape snugly around your wrist. Refer to the charts below and find the closest size.

Please choose your size carefully, it is not possible to exchange it later. If you’re unsure about your wrist size, get in touch with us.

For paracord bracelets:

Bracelet SizeApproximate Wrist Size
XS5.25 in - 5.75 in
S5.75 in - 6.25 in
M6.25 in - 6.75 in
L6.75 in - 7.25 in
XL7.25 in - 7.75 in

A couple of things to note:

Our crafting crew adds 0.75 in to your bracelet to make sure it fits comfortably.

If you are between sizes, we recommend rounding up to the next size. Ask yourself if you like a tight or loose fit.

When you receive your bracelet, it may feel stiff at first. The bracelet will soften over time as you wear it.

For Beads Bracelets:

Bracelet SizeWrist Size
S5 in - 5.75 in
M5.75 in - 6.5 in
L6.5 in - 7.25 in

For Bold Collection cuff bracelets:

Bracelet SizeWrist Size
S5.75 in - 6.25 in
M6.25 in - 6.75 in
L6.75 in - 7.5 in