Each bracelet you purchase comes with two-week warranty period to cover any manufacturing defects. Your warranty may be longer if purchased during a promotional period where extended warranty was offered, or if a coupon offering extended warranty was used. This information is also included in the packaging of every bracelet. This page contains the most updated copy of our warranty information.

Our warranty preserves the purchaser’s right to replace the bracelet once in a period of three months (or longer if purchased during a promotional period or if a coupon was used) if the bracelet is found faulty or damaged due to manufacturing issues.

If the bracelet requires replacement within the warranty period, kindly contact us to request a replacement.

Details as follows:

  1. Purchaser is allowed to replace the bracelet one time in a period of two weeks from the date of purchase.
  2. Warranty period may be longer if the bracelet was purchased during a promotional period or if a coupon code was used.
  3. If the design has been discontinued, the purchaser can choose a new design from any current-selling series and must be identically valued as the previous purchase.
  4. Purchaser is not allowed to replace the bracelet for a higher value bracelet.
  5. The bracelet will only be replaced if damages are found to be caused by manufacturing issues.
  6. Normal wear and tear is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  7. Purchaser will be responsible for all shipping and return fees incurred as a result of the replacement process.
  8. The defective bracelet shall only be shipped after a warranty exchange is approved by Ninety Seven Bros Sdn. Bhd.
  9. The original warranty certificate must be presented upon request for replacement.
  10. Ninety Seven Bros Sdn. Bhd. reserves all rights to change or modify any warranty terms without prior notice.
  11. Warranty will be voided if any or all parts of the bracelet is found to have been damaged, destroyed, modified, or tampered with.
  12. Any deviation from the above stated conditions is at a Ninety Seven Bros Sdn. Bhd. team member’s discretion.

Questions about our warranty information should be sent to us at info@97bros.com.

Last updated on 2018-05-01